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Playing as unique characters from the world of Farseen, players will use gold and special abilities to explore, conquer, settle, protect, and control the board as it expands and grows. Players must wage war, manage resources, and use their positions of power to achieve their ultimate goal and win control over the Kingdom of Farseen.

The game is print & play ready with few extra requirements

Aside from the print 'n' play doc, you will need:

  • Six 6-sided dice

We recommend you use small physical objects as tokens for Villages and Farms, as, although the printable versions of these function mechanically just as well as weighted tokens, player interaction with the game is dramatically more pleasant when three-dimensional tokens are used.


Farseen Rulebook.pdf 210 kB
Farseen - Print 'n' Play v2.2.pdf 30 MB

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